Richenna EZ Speedy Hair Color

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Product Code: Richenna EZ Speedy Hair Color
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Hair color in shampoo type

Hair coloring as you shampoo hair

Since it can be applied with your hands as you shampoo your hair, the application is very easy, quick and even.

Quick grey hair coverage

It takes only 7~8 minutes for grey hair coverage, so you can also finish the coloring process while taking a shower.

Henna, oriental herb and squid ink extracts

The henna extract helps to maintain a smooth hair after dyeing without any special nutrition or treatment product. The oriental herb extracts protects your scalp to minimize the scalp itching or irritation. The squid extracts which contains melanin provides a vivid and long lasting color.

NO ammonia

It makes the dyeing process fun with a fresh smell and no strong smell.

Direction for use


This Kit Contains

  • 1 tube of colorant ( 60g )
  • 1 tube of developer ( 60g )
  • 1 comb
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1 sheet of cape

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