Lisap Easy C Gloss ( colour treatment )

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Easy C Gloss represents a superior conditioning treatment that nourishes, protects and prolongs the luster and intensity of colour. When used on natural hair,provides shine and delicate reflex tones.

Benefits of Conditioning Color Balm:

  • Formula protects and moisturises the hair using bran extract .
  • Special colouring pigments brighten colour, give shine and enhance highlights in colour treated hair.
  • When applied to natural hair, Conditioning Color Balm enhances natural highlights whilst improving the hair's condition and natural shine.
  • Conditioning Color Balm protects coloured and natural hair from the effects of UV rays.
  • Perfect for silver hair. Conditioning Color Balm adds a beautiful shine to grey and white hair.

Direction for use

  • Wash hair, towel dry. apply conditioning color balm on to the hair and distribute evenly with a comb.
  • Leave 5-10min on colored hair and 15-20min on naturals hair, according to the intensity of the reflex tones desired
  • Rinse well.



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