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V'duction Rejuvenate Scalp Essence 120ml
  • V'duction Rejuvenate Scalp Essence 120ml
  • V'duction Rejuvenate Scalp Essence 120ml

V'duction Rejuvenate Scalp Essence 120ml


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V'duction Rejuvenate Scalp Essence Contains Panax Ginseng Root Extract That Helps To Prevent Persisted Thinning Hair , Improves The Texture Of Hair , Strengthens The Hair Roots And Nourishes The Scalp While Adding Boby And Volume To Hair .

It Developed To Stimulate Hair Growth From The Root , Promotes Scalp Circulation Is Necessary To Treat Hair Loss .

V'duction Hair & Scalp Protector Anti Hair Loss Therapy Series . Contains Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice & Panax Ginseng Root Extract Which Is Not Only For Prevent Hair Loss & Dandruff . 


It Also Nourishes & Moisturize Make Hair Shiny And Smoothes Cuticles To Give Hair A Soft And Light Texture . It Can Help To Increase Healthy And Beautiful Hair With Good Scalp Condition , Maintain A Good Scalp State During The Growth Treatment.    

V'duction头发和头皮保护防脱发治疗系列。 含Barbadensis 芦荟叶汁和人参根提取物,不仅可以防止脱发和头皮屑。 同时也可以滋养保湿而给于光滑和软顺的头发表列层来转变头发的柔软和软发质。在生长治疗的过程中可有助于增加健康美丽头发和保持良好头皮的状态。

* Prevents Hair Loss
Ginseng Is Believed To Increase The Dermal Cells On The Scalp Which, In Turn, Strengthens The Follicles And Roots Of The Hair. This Not Only Encourages The New Growth Of Strands But Also Prevents Hair Thinning And Breakage.

* 防止脱发
人参被认为可以增加头皮上的真皮细胞,从而增强 头发的毛囊和根部。 这不仅可以促进股线的新生长,还可以防止头发变薄和破损。

* Reducing Sebum & Odor Control

If It Is Those Unsightly White Flakes That Are Getting You Down, Ginseng Just Might Be Your Answer. The Root Is High In Saponin, An Anti-Bacterial Compound, Which Will Sweep Away Dandruff From The Scalp And Prevent It From Reoccurring. This Ensures That Your Follicles Stay Clean And Flake-Free.


如果那些难看的白色薄片让你失望,那么人参可能就是你的答案。 根部富含抗菌化合物Saponin,可以清除头皮上的头皮屑并防止其再次发生。 这可确保您的毛囊保持清洁无瑕疵。

* Restores Nourishment From Within

Thanks To Its Norishing Capabilities, Ginseng Is A Herbal Plant That Helps Both, The Roots And Lengths Of The Hair. It Cleanses The Scalp Of Build-Up And Restores Cuticles From The Brink Of Damage To Get Manageable, Nourished Tresses.


由于其滋养能力,人参是一种草药植物,可以帮助头发的根和长度。 它可以清洁头皮的堆积,并从受损的边缘恢复角质层,使其易于控制,滋养发束。

Directions of use :

Use Once Or Twice Daily. Spray Directly Into Your Scalp. Press And Pat Lightly With Your Finger Tips , And Massage Scalp For About 3 Minutes. Preferably After Shampooing.

Size :


Formulated From Canada

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