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ISO Option 1 Perm Lotion
MYR66.00 MYR38.00

Description : This thio-free wave Option is ideal for building lift and definition through separa..

ISO Option 2 Perm Lotion
MYR66.00 MYR38.00

Description : Exclusively formulated for tinted or color-treated hair. Option 2 brings gentle, ye..

ISO Option 3 Perm Lotion
MYR66.00 MYR38.00

Description : Designed for normal to resistant hair, Option 3 produces big, expansive curls while..

JS Black Pearl Shampoo
MYR43.00 MYR18.00

Description JS Black Pearl Shampoo uses a combination of the latest innovative technology and Chi..

La Focus Cream Developer
MYR35.00 MYR28.00

Description :Use with La Focus Permanent Color Cream. La Focus Cream Developer containing a uniquely..

La Focus Dust Free Bleach Powder
MYR98.00 MYR86.00

For Proffessional Use Only : Mix the bleach powder with cream developer ( 1 : 3 ) . Use comb to a..

Loreal Majiblond Hair Color

Description:Majiblond Ultra makes it easy to achieve cool or neutral blonde shades while providing t..

Loreal Majibrown Hair Color

Descriptions"The consistency of this product promotes better binding of color to hair. The technolog..

Loreal Majicontrast Hair Color

Description:For tailor-made highlights for brunettes by our colourist in only one step thanks to the..

Loreal Majilift Hair Color

Description:The permanent hair color solution for clients with dark natural bases who want to go ult..

Loreal Majirel Cool Cover Hair Color

Description:Achieve ultra-cool bronze reflects, extra deep coverage on all hair, wide..

Loreal Majirel Hair Color

Description:L'Oréal Majirel is a permanent hair colour range that provides up to 100% grey coverage ..

Loreal Majirel Mix Hair Color

Description:Personalize each client's hair color with Majirel Mix shades. Incorporate Majirel Mix to..

Loreal Majirouge Hair Color

Description:Longing for an intense, bold red or copper colour that lasts? Majirouge creates bright, ..

Loreal Multi-Techniques Bleach Powder
MYR113.10 MYR90.50

Description :  L’Oreal’s Blonde Studio Multi-Techniques lightening powder gives up to 8 leve..

Loreal Oxydant Cream Peroxide 1000ml
MYR43.60 MYR15.00

*Excluded oversea Buyer (Shipping Company NOT ALLOWED Liquid product to be post by Air or Sea )Stabi..

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