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Bain De Terre Jasmine Moisturizing Shampoo
MYR64.66 MYR26.50

Jasmine moisturizing Shampoo luxuriously cleanse & moisturize dry hair . Lavish in beautify..

JS Deep Cleansing Tonic Shampoo (0)
MYR27.56 MYR16.32

Description Ideal for oily hair loss and damaged hair. Contains Panthenoic acid Hydrolysed Kerati..

JS Ion Perm Shampoo (67)
MYR27.56 MYR16.32

Description Ideal for chemically treated hair, cold wave perms and colour treated hair. Natural W..

JS Scalp Cleansing Shampoo (1)
MYR27.56 MYR16.32

Description Effective for control of dandruff, itchy dry scalp and seborrhea with regular use.  ..

JS Treatment Shampoo (2)
MYR27.56 MYR16.32

Description Best treatment for coloured and permed hair, which is usually dry and brittle. Added ..

Kerastase Bain Anti-Pelliculaire
MYR106.00 MYR89.04

Description :The Bain Anti-Pelliculaire removes and treats the scalp preventing the recurrence of dr..

Kerastase Bain Chroma Captive Shampoo
MYR106.00 MYR89.04

Description :Bain Chroma Captive is a shampoo for for slightly sensitized, colored hair, which innov..

Kerastase Bain Chroma Riche Shampoo
MYR106.00 MYR89.04

Description :Bain Chroma Riche is a gentle and protective shampoo for very sensitized colored hair. ..

Kerastase Bain Densite Shampoo
MYR116.60 MYR95.40

Description :Hair thickening shampoo designed to restore abundance, lushness and bounce to hair in l..

Kerastase Bain Divalent Shampoo
MYR106.00 MYR89.04

Description :Bain Divalent, a shampoo to treat oily roots, helps regulate overproduction of sebum, w..

Kerastase Bain Elixir Ultime Shampoo
MYR106.00 MYR89.04

Description : A cleansing oil shampoo for dull hair looking for shine. Silicone & paraben-f..

Kerastase Bain Fluidealiste (No Sulfates) Shampoo
MYR106.00 MYR89.04

Description :Bain Fluidéaliste Sulfate Free is a sulfate-free shampoo for unmanageable hair that is ..

Kerastase Bain Fluidealiste Shampoo
MYR106.00 MYR89.04

Description :Shampoo for fine to normal unruly hair in search of smoothness. It provides manageabili..

Kerastase Bain Force Architecte Shampoo
MYR106.00 MYR89.04

Description :Bain Force Architecte is a shampoo designed for weakened and damaged. Suitable for dail..

Kerastase Bain Magistral Shampoo
MYR106.00 MYR89.04

Description :Deeply nourishing shampoo for severely dried-out hair, this Nutritive care cleanses the..

Kerastase Bain Prevention Shampoo
MYR106.00 MYR89.04

Description :Bain Prévention is a hair loss prevention shampoo with stimulating properties to boost ..

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