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Neo Leaf Hair Tonic
MYR69.00 MYR52.00

Provide scalp with moisture to maintain it clean and healthy  Description Milbon Neo Leaf Hair..

Nexxen Hairogy Energy Essence ET1
MYR54.00 MYR41.00

Description An intensive and concentarted lotion to prevent presistent thinning hair and regulate..

Nexxen Hairogy Organic Repair Essence RS
MYR60.50 MYR46.00

Description: Formulated with organic component and vitamin for better penetration. Helps to prolo..

Nexxen Hairogy Organic Serum OS
MYR55.00 MYR42.00

Description Organic repair component is the latest active ingredients in hair care technology whi..

Redken Cerafill Maximize Hair Advanced
MYR231.10 MYR184.90

Improve the appearance of advanced thinning hair. Description Redken Cerafill Maximize Hair Ad..

Redken Cerafill Retaliate Hair Re-Densifying Treatment
MYR207.50 MYR166.00

For Advanced Thinning Hair  Description Redken Cerafill Retaliate Hair Re - Densifying&nb..

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Seborin Active Hair Tonic
MYR49.00 MYR34.00

Regenerate and rebuild hair from within hair roots. Description Regenerates the hair from the ..

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Seborin Hair Tonic
MYR56.00 MYR38.00

Reduces flakes and effectively revitalises scalp. Description Seborin Hair Tonic with the high..

Traitement Garlic Hair Tonic
MYR100.00 MYR76.00

Description:Formulated with lodized Garlic to help promote healthy hair growth. Hair roots are nouri..

Traitement Ginseng Hair Tonic
MYR145.00 MYR100.00

Description:Formulated with lodized Garlic and precious Ginseng to help promote healthy hair growth...

V'duction Hair Tonic
MYR72.00 MYR50.00

Improves the scalp conditions for proper hair growth . 改善头皮状况同时也能促进头发的生长。 Descriptions Cont..

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