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Aily Hair Tonic Vitamin D-Panthenol
MYR15.90 MYR12.72

Encourage hair growth, control dandruff and prevent itchiness. Description A highly specialise..

Jochem's Hair Tonic Preparation
MYR37.10 MYR29.68

For thinning and falling hair. Description A highly specialised product for the hair compounde..

JS Tonica Lotion Hair Revitalizing Tonic
MYR68.90 MYR48.97

Decription Tonica Lotion healthy hair starts from healthy scalp .Exclusive Hair Revitalizing Toni..

Kerastase Aminexil Black Treatment (for Anti-Hair Loss)
MYR689.00 MYR419.97

Description :A 3 months treatment to improve the appearance of thinning hair and impulse darker and ..

Kerastase Cure Anti-Chute (for Anti-Hair Loss)
MYR731.40 MYR669.92

Description :A 6-week treatment to visibly reduce hair loss and hair thinning. A concentrated cure w..

Kerastase Densifique Homme Scalp Treatment
MYR837.40 MYR736.70

Description :Densifique Homme is a scalp treatment for Men hair visibly lacking density. This hair d..

Kerastase Densifique Scalp Treatment
MYR53.00 MYR37.10

Description :Scalp treatment for women with thinning hair. This hair density & fullness programm..

Kerastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp & Hair Concentrate
MYR203.52 MYR183.38

Hair looks more beautiful and thicker Description This innovative Initialiste Advanced Scalp a..

Kerastase Spray Stimuliste
MYR153.70 MYR142.04

Description :A daily treatment for hair loss prevention and a solution to thinning hair, stimulating..

Loreal Aminexil Advanced
MYR20.14 MYR14.31

Nourish weak hair, increase the resilience of hair root, inhibiting hair loss. Description Ami..

Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Cera - Vita Repair Treatment
MYR95.40 MYR68.90

Description Biolage Hydratherapie Vital Repair Moisturizing Treatment nourishes and softens dry h..

Mau Plus Hair Follicle Revitalizer
MYR130.38 MYR103.88

Descriptions Hair Follicle Revitalizer provides the extra special care for visible receding hairl..

Mau Plus Hair Serum
MYR130.38 MYR103.88

Descriptions Mau Plus Hair Serum is enriched with cold-pressed ginger oil, a light but powerful h..

Neo Leaf Hair Tonic
MYR73.14 MYR55.12

Provide scalp with moisture to maintain it clean and healthy  Description Milbon Neo Leaf Hair..

Nexxen Hairogy Energy Essence ET1
MYR57.24 MYR43.46

Description An intensive and concentarted lotion to prevent presistent thinning hair and regulate..

Nexxen Hairogy Organic Repair Essence RS
MYR58.30 MYR44.52

Description: Formulated with organic component and vitamin for better penetration. Helps to prolo..

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