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Parlux Advance Light Hair Dryer  (2200W)

DescriptionThe new Parlux Advance, an innovative, technologically advanced and futuristic hairdryer...

MYR610.00 MYR650.00 Ex Tax: MYR610.00
Parlux Super Turbo 2600 Hair Dryer

One of the most powerful hair tools in the world  Description Parlux 2600 Hair Dryer is and id..

MYR295.00 MYR350.00 Ex Tax: MYR295.00
Peilou Hair Protective Cream

Description Peilou Hair Protective Cream prevents hair from environmental damage, detangles and p..

MYR42.00 MYR58.00 Ex Tax: MYR42.00
Pik Hair Dryer Diffuser

Blow dry your wavy hair instantly  Description This diffuser is suitable for most type of stan..

MYR23.00 MYR30.00 Ex Tax: MYR23.00
Prejume Milk 1

Description Prejume Milk 1 realizes soft manageability with moisture feeling and expresses aqua m..

MYR42.00 MYR60.00 Ex Tax: MYR42.00
Prejume Milk 3

Description Prejume Milk 3 realizes distinct manageability with moisture feeling and expresses aq..

MYR40.00 MYR60.00 Ex Tax: MYR40.00
Prejume Wax 7

Description This wax realizes desirable hair movement allowing user's fingers to move through smo..

MYR43.00 MYR61.00 Ex Tax: MYR43.00
Professional Make Up Box

Basically this box consist of 1 large compartment with 2 layer of storage area. Here is the sizing d..

MYR120.00 MYR148.00 Ex Tax: MYR120.00
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