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Jochem's Hair Tonic Preparation

For thinning and falling hair. Description A highly specialised product for the hair compounde..

MYR28.00 MYR35.00 Ex Tax: MYR28.00
Joico Erratic Molding Clay

Description If you like that feel of second day hair without the grime, Joico Ice Erratic Molding..

MYR38.00 MYR50.00 Ex Tax: MYR38.00
Joico K-PAK Restorative Styling Oil

Description:Joico K-PAK Restorative Styling Oil delivers the restorative properties of a hair treatm..

MYR69.00 MYR98.00 Ex Tax: MYR69.00
JS 3D Oil No.1 (37)

Description 3D oil for instant smoothing transformation with shine effect in one step. Unique ass..

MYR39.60 MYR48.00 Ex Tax: MYR39.60
JS Black Pearl Shampoo

Description JS Black Pearl Shampoo uses a combination of the latest innovative technology and Chi..

MYR24.20 MYR35.00 Ex Tax: MYR24.20
JS Carrot Soft Masque (11)

Description An intensive conditioner enriched with Keratin, proteins and carrot extracts which co..

MYR30.80 MYR42.00 Ex Tax: MYR30.80
JS Deep Cleansing Tonic Shampoo (0)

Description Ideal for oily hair loss and damaged hair. Contains Panthenoic acid Hydrolysed Kerati..

MYR15.40 MYR26.00 Ex Tax: MYR15.40
JS Get Curly (44)

Description This crystal clear formula provides a firm hold finish for any hair style even in win..

MYR41.80 MYR48.00 Ex Tax: MYR41.80
JS Get Volume Serum (54)

Description A heat activated cream that melts upon application.Instantly moisturises conditions ,..

MYR24.20 MYR38.00 Ex Tax: MYR24.20
JS Ion Perm Shampoo (67)

Description Ideal for chemically treated hair, cold wave perms and colour treated hair. Natural W..

MYR15.40 MYR26.00 Ex Tax: MYR15.40
JS Moisturising Milk (V)

Description Highly recommended for normal to dry hair to improve texture, shine and softness. Con..

MYR13.20 MYR20.00 Ex Tax: MYR13.20
JS PH Balancing Conditioner (3)

Description Designed to restore the natural pH of the hair after perming, colouring and shampooin..

MYR15.40 MYR26.00 Ex Tax: MYR15.40
JS Pure Gloss Serum (15)

Description Shine serum with UV protection, conditions and smoothes dry ends. Leaving super sikly..

MYR28.60 MYR38.00 Ex Tax: MYR28.60
JS Scalp Cleansing Shampoo (1)

Description Effective for control of dandruff, itchy dry scalp and seborrhea with regular use.  ..

MYR15.40 MYR26.00 Ex Tax: MYR15.40
JS Texturizing Lotion (IV)

Description An ideal alternative to hair mousse and a formulation to help create styles. Contains..

MYR13.20 MYR20.00 Ex Tax: MYR13.20
JS Tonica Lotion Hair Revitalizing Tonic

Decription Tonica Lotion healthy hair starts from healthy scalp .Exclusive Hair Revitalizing Toni..

MYR46.20 MYR65.00 Ex Tax: MYR46.20
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